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We are mice

I'm shocked, absolutely shocked....

Hello, Cleveland!

By request

Neverwednesday filler

While my guitar moans, shudders and wails...

Y'know, I have always had an inordinate fondness for raccoons...

Oh look! Now you can pretend you're playing Falcon's Eye! No, I don't know why that's a good thing at all...

Singularly biting

Fairness, equality, humility versus false modesty

Reasons to believe

Something else to expect in the 2008 elections

Billy's Balloon

Dirty bird

I want this desk

I'd like to think of it as the Perfect Blue of blogs: arty, disturbing, dreamlike. As opposed to the Showgirls of blogging...

He's got them fired by the no-good, low-down, parasite-on-society's ass mass-media blues


Goodbye, Fidel

Goodnight, sweet prince...

If you're not a pnp RPG gamer and/or Star Wars nerd, you might as well skip this one

"Rented Rooms" and no real entry

The plan

(This is really a one-word title starting with "f" and ending with a stream of exclamation points)

Oh By The Way: soundtrack from the film More

For the other half

Or you could just wait for it to hit cable

Your opponent isn't your enemy