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Happy Tunguska Day!

I'm really hoping Batman kicks Batman's ass, because Batman really has had it coming....

When there's no room in Hell, Republicans will walk the Earth....

Friday night movie

Gorillas will whup my ass

Taking one for the team

Neverwednesday Nights

Any god will do


Busy whole weekend, actually...

Busy Saturday

The problem with the little whatsit with the eccentric orbit on the edge of the solar system

Of low down dirty dogs...

Neverwednesday Nights

How to start an interview on the wrong foot

Science is not always cool

Wonders of the wirelessly connected world

When someone on the internet figures out you're a dog...

Another busy day...

Unbelievably half-assed entry

Friday night movie


"It is a nice conceit, I think one would say."


Neverwednesday Nights

Looky, looky, looky!

National embarrassment


Happy birthday, modern PC or laptop!

Delicious filler, mmm

Now that's just sad

As if I didn't already have enough reasons to adore Justice O'Connor...

Neverwednesday Nights