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I am tired of witch-hunts.  By which I mean I am tired of a metaphor, not that I am tired of hunting anyone or anything in particular.
We've been hearing the phrase a lot lately.  Individual-1 likes to tell the public he's been the target of witch hunts.  Today, I read an article in Slate wherein the Attorney General of the United States talks about witch-hunts:
[Fox News anchor Bill] Hemmer: The president calls this a witch hunt. He calls it a hoax. Do you agree with that? …
[Attorney General Bob] Barr: If you were the president, I think you would view it as a witch hunt and a hoax. Because at the time, he was saying he was innocent and that he was being falsely accused. And if you’re falsely accused, you would think [it] was a witch hunt. … He has been hammered for allegedly conspiring with the Russians. And we now know that was simply false.
Hemmer: Are you comfortable using those words? Witch hunt, hoax?
Barr: I use what words I use. And it was an investigation. But I t…

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