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Gahan Wilson

A few months ago, the news was dragged across my path that the cartoonist Gahan Wilson was in need of financial support since the passing of his wife and a decline in his health from Alzheimer's Disease.  Because we have the best medical system in the world, and because of the wonders of technology, it is now possible for people who are in need of serious and expensive medical care and/or their families to go online and beg strangers for money to pay their crippling medical bills.
Thank the gods we don't have the burdens of socialized medicine to put up with.  Why, would we even have crowdfunding technology if the nanny state did everything for us?
So I chipped in, just a little, because Gahan Wilson had a huge impact on my life, a pebble that caused great waves.  And got the news updates in my email, about how he was doing a little better, a little worse, how the appeals process was going re: getting funding from the state, how he was charming the staff, drawing a little whe…

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