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Elvis T. Cat, December 4, 2003 (more or less) - May 9, 2024

2008 I'm writing this after getting back from dropping Elvis off at Paws Whiskers & Wags .  This may be a bad time for me to write this.  I can't think of another time I would. He hadn't had a car trip in a very long while.  He hated car trips.  Talking to him in the back while I was driving him over was inevitable--"Almost there, it's okay."  Even though I was talking to myself. _____ 2015 Springer had gotten sick and had to be helped over, and I wasn't ready for a cat but it's like that old Sarah Scribbles cartoon depicting the way the universe just drops cats on you sometimes.  My friend and coworker at the time, Andrea, came into the Public Defender's Office and told me she knew I probably wasn't ready for another cat but that I really needed to see this kitten that was up for adoption in the lobby of her vet's office.  (This was the same vet who'd helped Springer go over.)  She said this cat was in a big cage in the middle o

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