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Ask me: " how do you keep cynicism at bay?"

The Wolfman

Ask me, ask me, ask me....

"Everything's gonna be alright..."

Son of '80s music didn't suck

'80s music didn't suck (part II)

'80s music didn't suck

" may have happened just this way."

That would be a natural "1" on your journalism check...

Mount Vernon v. Marbury, or: Two shall enter, one shall leave...

The Founders wrote the Civil War into the Constitution...

Mount Vernon junkies

Weee-arethechampions, my frie-ennnnd--bombombombom!


Love hurts

Can't get it out of my head

Okay, I'll admit--sometimes the batshit crazy is kind of fun after all...

Enormous raging moronic asstard of the day...