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An open letter to Mr Mark Borris

Ten Reasons Zombies Are Better Than Teabaggers

Late to the party is better than never

Charity begins at home

"His dream is driving me insane..."

"Ready To Start"

"Now excuse me, I have to go."

Headzaplodin' Quote Of The Day

Happy little penguin, happy little penguin, deep breath, happy little penguin...

In memoriam: Satoshi Kon

An open letter to Mr. Kelly, Dr. Gregg Matthew, and the Royal Schace Courier Service

Blind hog with a truffle quote of the day

"And let me just add, that Olsen kid should be especially grateful...'Pal'."

"The sun machine is coming down and we're gonna have a party..."

"Nobody loves me, it's true... not like you do...."

A Problem For Plotters (part two)

A Problem For Plotters (part one)

Dumbass quote of the day

A Recollection For Readers

"But I'll buy no more whiskey, I have to go home"

Somebody is missing a head

Sunday cynicism

Who's bad? The Chinese Red Army Orchestra, that's who!

An open letter to MR. Martin Hudson

"Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!"

Quote Of The Day

HAHHAH--wait... that's not funny AT ALL!

Something to listen to while I'm away from the old blog a bit...

No, no, no--you also have to take away everybody's guns and outlaw prayer, then we'll be satisfied...